Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Bunnies for The Cave

It’s a milestone. Sasha has given up his Taggie.
He did it by himself, so I’ve no doubt he’s ready and we’re pretty much done with that phase. All we did, was start limiting his use slightly last summer. Now all he does is occasionally ask where they are, we answer they are in the drawer under his bed. Then he’s fine and happy just to know they are there but he doesn’t need to have it.
Sasha has decided to teach himself how to tie his shoes.
Considering he’s determined to figure it out himself, he does a pretty good job.
Every eyelet has a lace through it. The shoes are on the right feet. The laces are tied securely (really, really securely).
I think this is great. The basic idea is there, even if his shoes don’t look ‘right’ according to us grown ups. He knows there’s a problem with his method, since he can’t get them off afterwards. But when I ask if he wants to know the way I tie shoes, he just thinks a moment and answers “no, thank you.”
So I spend 10 minutes undoing his rather exotic knot structure every evening. But that’s okay.
I have come to the conclusion that Sasha’s school isn’t really ideal for him, while still believing it’s the best we can do.
It has helped him greatly with the process of growing up. He’s happy. He’s healthy. And I don’t worry about him while he’s there. In that sense, it is a good school
It’s their use of gender roles combined with their teaching methods that make the school not perfect. They offer different things to boys and girls without acknowledging that people don’t all fit in neat little boxes. And they become impatient when children do not fit their neat little molds. And can be a bit…catty (to parents) as a result.
And I know my son doesn’t fit their mold.
I’m thinking a well matched school may have to wait till he can go to public and tech-focused becomes an option.

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