Monday, March 14, 2011


I’ve had a relatively calm week given how much I’ve stopped worrying about school reports.
I know they are wrong because I see a different boy. Granted, that may have a lot to do with the fact that I don’t use their curriculum and I do not pick battles with a 3 year old about exactly how to sit during sitting time or what method to use when painting or drawing so long as the paint ends up in the desired location. But then, it would never occur to me that these were all that important to waste my time and effort on.
I have contacted a few places that claim to be a bit freer and looser in their rules and schedule. Hopefully we find one that is somewhere between his current school and the one from Mame. Somewhere he can sit on his heels if criss-cross-applesauce hurts his butt. Somewhere he can use a freaking paint brush if the idea of paint all over his hands is so distasteful. Somewhere quizzing and drilling are done in a more “creative” way. And by creative, I mean beyond songs and that flippity finger paint.
I’m not saying I’m a supreme educator, but hell, I’d be bored out of my skull too if we spent 2 weeks on the letter N. Especially if I not only knew what it looked like and how it sounded and how to write it (in pointillism, but written nonetheless). And how to read words that contained it.
I know he prefers the curriculum in his Sesame Street Library and so we use his books regularly. It’s a different way of focusing on the dry subjects of preschool and one that makes it amusing, fun, and interesting. What kid wouldn’t prefer a silly story about Grover falling down or going to make a batch of shaped cookies? What would be more appropriate for getting a bunch of preschoolers to pay attention?

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