Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where to go? What to do?

So, I’m starting the job of looking at preschools again.
With the fellowship looming large (and looking more possible) I know logistics may be changing. This would make the current place a logistical nightmare. It’s not like I’m so sure these days it’s an ideal location for him, anyway. So changing may be a good thing.
I don’t know much about preschool/kindergarten curriculums. Does anyone have ideas for types of schools that would work well for 4 year old boys who:
Are completely non-aggressive/non confrontational and will avoid situations that look to be.
Lack small motor skills and struggle with crayons and markers.
Have sensory issues and “messiness” causes meltdowns.
Can read (quite well, I’ve tested this further with books he’s never been read that are around 3rd or 4th grade reading level) as well as knows all numbers, shapes and colors and some random stuff we’ve taught because it involved his interests.
I have given thought to the idea of skipping him ahead. However, it’s only the academics where he’s ahead. Everywhere else he is still very much a baby so I know that would be a huge mistake. It very likely always will be since he’s so completely average when it comes to physical and emotional maturity.
Any suggestions?

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