Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How To Read A Map

This article is idiotic.

You cannot use the terms Latino and Hispanic interchangeably. I am Hispanic. I am probably the whitest woman on Earth, but I am Hispanic. All that means is my family come from a Spanish speaking country. I think people forget Spain is a Spanish speaking country that’s in Europe (hello, people-who’ve-told-me-Spain-is-a-city-in-Mexico and people-who-asked-where-the-tacos-were-when-I-said-I-made-Spanish-food! Good to know the school system did right by you and many others!). Spaniards are not Latino. Latino means from Latin America.

And, once again, Spain is not in Latin America. It’s in Europe. Right next to France.

It’s just another instance in a long list that’s making me want to give up reading newspapers and being an informed person. I cannot abide the lack of editing that goes on, nor can I stomach the obviously made up drivel that’s so often written in the American news.

Sure, we have freedom of the press. But I think the they had something different in mind…like, perhaps, illuminating the public. Not filling inches with uneducated schlock.

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