Saturday, March 19, 2011

Okay, So I Didn't Think It Was a Real Thing...

Okay, so I was feeling better about Sasha and his development.

Then I found out that “clumsy child syndrome” (AKA developmental dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder) is a real thing. Because, you see, I was diagnosed with it as a little girl. My parents have always told me I had it, but I thought it was their way of making me feel better about being a complete spaz. And apparently it can be inherited.

Sasha has a lot of the same problems I did. Falling frequently and crashing into things for no reason. Trouble with the process of writing. I couldn’t work a bike till I was about 8 and he can’t. I did however end up okay. I am still an accident prone klutz, but I did become able to do everything I wanted to. It was probably a very light case, as his seems to be since it just seems to be the little things. He’ll eventually catch up, I’ve no doubt, and he’ll be fine.

I think this will just be something to bring up to his pediatrician at his 4 yo check up in a few months.

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