Thursday, April 21, 2011

How We Do Earth Day

Well, the repairman wasn’t able to get our heat pump/AC running again. Granted, that should NOT be a surprise. We were told when we bought the house (over 7 years ago) that it was over 20 years old and we should replace it. But I’m cheap and it still worked (mostly) so we kept it going.

Tomorrow he’s coming with an entirely new everything. Basically the whole unit: both the inside piece and the outdoor compressor—was toast. Coils turned to dust in his hands. Nothing was left of the motor but rust. And the electrical system had completely shorted. So this year for Earth day we celebrated with a week of no air conditioning during a bit of an early heat wave (yesterday was 87F) during the highest pollen count of the year.

Yup. We suffer for Gaia.

And then we will have installed a new, green, super efficient system that is likely to cut our electric bill by at least a third. And may have used the money we’ve been saving for that Tempur-Pedic Cloud we’ve been lusting after. And may need slightly, what with the hole in our bed. But it has everything we were looking for in a system short of a zero-carbon footprint like the solar ones have. Hepa, UV air sanitation, and everything a Mom of an allergic asthmatic could want.

Hubby wants to do something more, like plant a tree, that we can do as a family activity. I’m not sure where it would go, since we already have SEVERAL, most still small saplings that will need room to grow. I think we have done enough this year

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Kaycee said...

Seems to me like you and I should talk. We also need new air conditioning. We also need a new mattress. We also have no money for any of it right now. Nice to know someone else is in my shoes.

Nice to "meet" you...just stumbled on your blog. :)