Monday, April 18, 2011

They Wear Me Out

Tiredness. That’s what happens when you: a) Have a non-functioning air conditioner when the temperature goes up. b) Open the windows to help the thermostat read below 80F despite pollen allergies and the inability to take allergy medication. c) Spend your weekend trying to fight off the ridiculous. d) Have an unpleasant milestone. The first two are rather mundane. I cannot sleep because I’m either too hot or can’t breathe. So that will be resolved tomorrow morning with a visit from the repairman. The third is the fault of Hubby, Son, and family. Hubby, being who he is has been on a “fixing” jag. Nothing is broken by the way so this so-called “fixing” has been a jag of breaking things and spending money we don’t have on improvements that aren’t. I need to find him some broken stuff. I think I should dismantle our toaster…that should keep him busy for a day or two and I won’t be upset if he can’t fix it. He is driving me to drink with the “fixing”. Son is just in a bad phase. I think 3.5 yo’s have all had a temporary brain-ectomy. He was particularly taxing whilst I tried to complete the taxes this year. Why his father wouldn’t take him out of the house to go play, I do not know. But it turned an annual project that shouldn’t take long into a long and drawn out ordeal. He did apologize by way of dinner out, but that too was a bit taxing. Those who have had brain-ectomies should not be taken to fancy fine dining restaurants. He did okay if not sitting still for even 3 seconds and occasionally shouting just to hear himself is okay. He did eat and eat well. He was a brave soul and tried squid (he didn’t like it, but swallowed it like a gentleman and just said he didn’t want any more) and veal (THAT he loooooooooved. He ate a whole veal cannelloni. I am glad they gave me two so I had something to eat). The unpleasant milestone would be the “might have been” due date I just passed. Stressful, but it might’ve been worse if I weren’t already expecting another who wouldn’t exist otherwise.

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caramama said...

Too bad you couldn't take some allergy meds and something to knock you out all day, thereby sleeping through the ridiculousness and the milestone!

I think I've caught up with your blog now, and I want to be sure to give you a huge CONGRATULATIONS! I know you aren't really feeling super excited, but it's a wonderful thing, especially since things seem to be smoother this time. Any details to share?