Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hop, Hop, Hop...

I put Sasha and Brody on the rolls for daycare this fall at yet ANOTHER new place. We hope to finish out this school year where Sasha currently is. But it’s looking like another place trying to get rid of us. Lets just say they are trying to bill us for tuition for “the week of February 30” and stuff like that and are telling us how we’ll be booted if we don’t pay up in two days (I ain’t paying for imaginary time).
I think I know why we have so much trouble with businesses and such. I think it’s me. But I do not think I’m wrong for my expectations.
I simply expect that if I’m paying you as a professional in a specific field, that you’ll be at least as educated and knowledgeable about that field as I am. I actually expect better (since they are the professionals, and I’m not), however I do not react well when I have to tell them how to do their jobs. Especially if I have to do it repeatedly. Unfortunately, it is something I find myself doing quite frequently.
If I were to go into an emergency room with my hand located in an unusual place on my arm, I would expect an x-ray of my wrist to determine if it’s broken or dislocated and how to set it properly. I am not a doctor, so I rely on their knowledge on how to best approach a rather obvious problem. A problem that’s obvious enough for the lay person to recognize and have a pretty good understanding of. I would naturally behave poorly if I was dismissed with anything else done or given as an answer.
As it’s been with this school. I am not an early childhood or education expert. I do however have some common sense ideas about what’s normal for preschool ages and would expect the teachers at his school to know that as well. And perhaps further knowledge. However, they don’t. And that has caused a bit of a rift because they do not *like* being told they are wrong when we get assessments.
I am expecting to have to hop again after next year too because why would this place be any different? I don’t really expect it will be and I forsee running into conflict again. It’s so rare I can find a business I am happy with for anything. One that takes care of my children shouldn’t be held to a lower standard, certainly.

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