Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Probably A Good Thing Pyrokinesis Isn't Real

I am seriously on the verge of emailing verious folks photos of my middle finger.

Yes. As you can see I've started my third trimester.

Technically, I don't enter it till next week. However:

I have been having issues with contractions for slightly over a month. I've put myself on a self-imposed modified rest to get rid of them. It seems to be working and I'm doing a lot better. I'm no longer having to gasp thru a meeting as I have contractions every 5 minutes.

Brody is apparently measureing now THREE weeks ahead.

The pain level says "third trimester".

The exhaustion level (and consequences when I ignore it) also say third trimester.

Brody will likely be born about a week early because of scheduled c-section.

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