Thursday, July 21, 2011

Along the Same Vein

They say every pregnancy is different.

And this one truly has been. That was at least till the 3rd trimester started. Now it’s following the path that mine took with Sasha. Which could be much worse, seeing as in the end everything ended up fine. Doing what he did is kind of comforting, in its own infuriating way.

Complications have crept in. The same ones, in fact. Protein, raised blood pressure, and edema have all made their appearances in my OB visits. The only difference is this time I have an OB who actually is recording and watching them carefully. As well as the other ‘not right’ measures from lab tests. I feel safer just knowing that they are aware and watching carefully to see if/when I hit those levels where it’s dangerous. I feel safer this way than previously, when I was simply told “lay off the icecream, Fatty.”

The labor issues have returned. The false labor style contractions have changed in the past week from a daytime-only experience. Now they go into the night and worsen to the point I’m not sleeping. Instead, I’m spending a lot of time in the shower or tub and positioning myself in odd ways that alleviate the pain. Then around the wee smalls of the morning they let up in intensity. They stay low level till the next afternoon when the ramp-up returns.

I remember this near the end with Sasha. If this follows, this one will be born around 35-36 weeks. Early, but given the full situation not unexpected. And not ridiculously early either. I’m at peace with 4-5 weeks early if I can’t have term.

We now have gotten everything out of storage, accounted for, and washed. I feel ready. Nothing is set up, but that’s okay. We have it. It’s clean. That’s what matters.

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caramama said...

I've been thinking about you and hoping you are doing okay.

I know some women have easy pregnancies. Some of my family members carry really easy. They make it look so simiple to GET pregnant and BE pregnant.

Unfortunately, that's not true for everyone.

I think you are a superhero for going through all of this, especially having been through it before. And I mean in the true superhero form, not some fake smile, everything's perfect "superhero," but this responsibility is hard, but you do it anyway superhero.

Good luck making it as close to term as you can!