Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woo-hoo! Sort of..

Woohoo! Sort of.

So it’s not pre-eclampsia or anything like we thought it might be. Wonderful news to hear that my organs aren’t shutting down and I don’t have microthrombosis in my placenta making them become toxic. I and baby will probably be fine, probably.

Apparently I am some variety and shade of hemophiliac. It throws off my blood measures regularly only consistently showing that I have not enough platelets and that I clot too slowly. And, supposedly this has been known for a couple of years and is why I’m not on blood thinners despite being an MTHFR patient. I haven’t had the tests to show exactly what kind or level, but I suppose this is good news. I, mean, I can’t get clots in my placenta if I don’t clot right?

I’ve also got a few anemias because of that and they make a mess of things too but can be fixed by either the vitamin aisle or a stronger version of that.

I’m now even happier with my decision to schedule a c-section. It’ll be safer since they can manage my bleeding.

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