Monday, August 22, 2011

The Schoolyear Starts Anew

Preschool started again last week. So far, the new one appears much better a fit and worth the extra cost. Yes, we will be completely and utterly broke when tiny man starts at the daycare too. This place is pricey. However, it’s the first place where we haven’t had a single “but” when we talk about how nice it is and good for him it is—well, except the price. Which is a strain, but one we can survive for 8 months.

First off, there was no attitude of “silly mommy, we know best”. I’d yet to experience a single place that didn’t think it knew best how to take care of my child. One that actually WANTED to hear about his quirks and special needs in depth. Everything from his shyness, to food aversions, to how best to interest him in learning, to areas he had trouble in. They even would prefer to lean towards restricting the classroom food list to those he’s not allergic to just to be on the safe side (I’m not pushing for that, his allergy is not that severe). Their thought is all little ones have “special needs” because they are all in very different places still with important skills like potty training, social skills, etc.

And it’s been different to have him go from Day 1. We dropped off a shy, quiet, uncomfortable child. We picked up a child who didn’t want to leave yet because he didn’t want to “stop all the fun.” We’ve *never* picked up a child with that attitude. He’s always been ready to leave, and This. Very. Instant. And the days after have been a breeze. He WANTS to go to school. He is happy to just go right in and be with his new friends. We have to ask for a goodbye kiss.

I know a big issue before was the class bully. That kid pounded on every one else in class. He’s not at this school, and so was the primary selling point we used with Sasha It worked, because that alone was reason for him to be accepting of a big change.

I really hope this school continues to be right for him and help him come out of his shell and learn to enjoy school while being safe and well cared for.

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caramama said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear this! I know how much you all have been through trying to find the right care for Sasha. I've been so frustrated for you guys in what you've been dealing with!

I totally hear you with going broke for the right childcare. We really went into the hole because of our childcare choices, but it was worth it to us to find the right fit for my daughter and son, and us parents too! I'm happy to say that we are finally not in the hole and still able to send the kids to the Montessori school where they've been thriving. It's been a tough road of buckling down on expenses and trying to manage through the summer break, but worth it. And I can't wait for their school to start next week!

I'm sure you know this, but there may still be some ups and downs. But what a great start and great feeling to have about the place!