Monday, April 2, 2012

Falling into Place

Everything is finally normalizing. Just in time for it to all fall apart again.
Brody has surgery scheduled next week, Wednesday. They did find an additional defect (a pulmonary artery on the wrong side) in his subsequent tests, but the thought is that everything can still be fixed in a single 3-4 hour operation. The thought is he should have a normal life after that with no limitations.
I pray every day that that's the case. I can't help but think of the worst case scenario and know the dangers he faces. But I also know that if we don't do anything, the dangers are a definite rather than a possible. And would begin to show in less than a year. It's best that I have them operate on my perfectly healthy child.
On a happier note, I have the boys signed up for daycare again. Another new place chosen to fulfull new needs. I have them where Sasha's Kindergarten next year does SAC (before and after school care) and so he would be going anyway. I had considered sticking them back at Bright Horizons (I did love that place) but it doesn't make sense. I would have to pull Sasha out in a few months again, regardless, and Brody may have needed to be pulled too depending on where Hubby is working next year. I do not currently work downtown, where Bright Horizons is. The super happy point is that this new place saves us over a thousand dollars a month.

That's right. It's a GRAND a MONTH cheaper.
Which brings us to happy note number two: my new job. It doesn't pay quite so well in base salary as my previous position. It's a small amount less, more than made up for in daycare savings alone so I am not sweating it. Additionally, I'll be based out of my house making a portion of certain personal costs (utilities, mortgage, technology upgrades, car, etc.) deductable. This makes for a guaranteed bonus next year come tax time. There is a non-guaranteed profit sharing bonus also possible which I've never had available before. I am simply happy that I know we will be alright. My previous company is still in contact with me about the contract dispute, and I do want to keep that door open in case anything happens.
I am grateful for the trials of this past few years. If nothing else, I see that there was a plan (I started the process to get this new job before I left the old one, the hiring process is slow) out there and I was following it. I was meant to have Brody, which meant I had to have THAT pregnancy and no other, perhaps I also needed preparation to accept his extra needs. I also needed the time to care for him, meaning I needed time away from work. I needed a job that would give me that time. I also think that the dogs deteriorating health will improve our future. Not having them means we can do things more easily with the boys like take a trip up to Calvert Cliffs for fossil hunting or spend a weekend in Ocean City. Trips that take extra cost, planning, and heartburn with the dogs.
So I have it. And all of this is preparing us to have a greatly improved life in the future.

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