Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Weekend Down

The weekend went well.

Friday worked from home as usual and all I can say is thank God for the Jumpy. I do not know what I would do without that thing. Sasha is too mobile and active otherwise.
Saturday did a lot of cleaning, all of which has since been undone by the dogs, warm temperatures, and rain. Then that night we had the Bachelorette party. It went well despite the earlier shenanigans. And despite my in-laws (who’d promised to babysit) decided to not be home. They apparently thought their ‘just turned 12’ son was going to be fine looking after an infant. I love my nephew, but he’s very much a little boy still. He can watch my dogs…not my baby.

I just felt so old. All of these young, young college aged girls and me in my 30s. I kept being ‘the Mom’ and being asked to inspect everyone’s meat to see if it was cooked thru.
I left after dinner, drinks and desert. They were sweet—wanting to pay the tip or “their share”. But they thought a 4 course meal for 6 and so forth would only run about $100 total. I had to laugh. It was a very good thing I had planned to pay for it from the beginning. They still had their group budget to go take Sister out for more fun when her old boring big sister had to go home and to bed (and to pump…I was in agony). One girl suggested I just order a Red Bull and “squeeze out in the sink”. I can just imagine the look on peoples’ faces when they came into the bathroom to that sight.

Sunday had Mass and then errand running. Sasha has picked a sippy cup style he likes and unfortunately, it’s difficult to find. None of the stores near us carry it in stock. Not even Babies R Us. They sell it online, as does (where we got our 1st one), but not in a store. I had to order them. Same with a 2nd Jumpy. And while we were ordering I just put in a few other things we need…like the baby corral, fireplace bumpers, etc.
Wouldn’t you know it, Sasha likes the MOST expensive sippy cup?
I do like that it’s BPA-free though and to upgrade it to non-training all I have to do is replace the tops.
In other news, I think I’ve solved my cleaning issue—my mother-in-law.
She wants to do something for a little side money. Paint. Fix things. Babysit. Walk the dogs. Etc. However, I’d really rather have Hubby do the fixing (he’s better at it) and me do the painting (I remember to keep the dogs out of the paint). As for dogs, Ive never gotten her to understand the concept of leashes or obedience (so they run off, as did her dog frequently) and the baby she gets too easily distracted from watching. So we’ve decided to hire her as our cleaning lady for the same amount we were spending on the big name service.

I don’t know how good of a job she’ll do but I feel better about it in general. We’re helping her out in a way she doesn’t feel like a charity case. Additionally, she’s helping me out by taking on stuff I just don’t have ample energy for, but feel can be passed off onto someone else.

Changing the subject again, I think the evil neighbors may have packed up and left. They spent the weekend taking the nice things out of their house and packing them up and leaving. No one spent the night there last night either. And the yard? Filled with crap they just chucked out their windows. I wonder if they didn’t have money for rent so skipped town?

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caramama said...

I hear ya on feeling old and leaving early. We left my work's holiday party early, and we felt old but tired, so what are ya gonna do.

I think that's a great idea about hiring MIL to do the cleaning! I hope it works out.

The Pumpkin never would take a sippy cup, so we are giving her straw cups. There is one that seems to work well for her, but we can only find it in one store which is not the easiest to get to.