Thursday, January 3, 2008

I spoke to a brick wall

I think they hired Miss Teen South Carolina at the fondue place.

I called last night to confirm my reservation for the Bachelorette Party. I realized quickly it was going bad so I hit the record on our phone so I could get a really good transcript. I only missed the first few seconds. And yes, it’s legal to record a conversation so long as one person is aware of it. I was aware and an involved party so this is completely kosher. But that’s the law for my state. Check yours before trying something like this.

MTSC: Hello?
Self: Hello, I’m calling to confirm a reservation.
MTSC: Um, yeah….what for, again?
Self: Is this {insert restaurant name}?
MTSC: Um, lemme check. Uh, what are you looking for again?
Self: Am I speaking to an employee of {insert restaurant name}?
MTSC: Um…oh yeah!! This is _____. I’m at {insert restaurant name} right now!
Self: {hits record button}
Self: That’s wonderful, can I speak to your manager?
MTSC: Oh, he’s busy right now. But I can help you.
Self: Can you confirm a reservation for me?
MTSC: Sure! Date?
Self: This Saturday, the 5th.
MTSC: The 5th of what?
Self: January. At 7.
MTSC: Oh, we don’t have anything available at 7.
Self: I don’t need to make a reservation. I already made one a month ago with your manager. I need to make certain it’s still in your book.
MTSC: But you see, we make reservations by the number of burners. And we don’t have any available at 7 so….
Self: Listen, you have people already assigned tables at 7 that night, right?
MTSC: oh, yeah. That’s why we’re full
Self: Look and see if anything is under this name: (gives name and spells it).
MTSC: No, nothing like that there.
Self: Okay, well when do you have tables available for January 5? We need room for 6 people.
MTSC: Okay….lesseee……we have 5pm and 10:30pm.
Self: Alright, I’d like to reserve a table for 6 at 5pm.
MTSC: Name?
Self: (gives name)
MTSC: Oh, I don’t have anything for you.
Self: Excuse me? You just said you had room a few seconds ago…
MTSC: I see, and what time did you call?
Self: I haven’t hung up the phone yet. I was talking to you. We’re still on the same call as when you told me you had room for 6 at 5pm.
MTSC: I’m confused. What do you want me to do?
Self: Write down a reservation for me.
MTSC: Okay what day and time?
Self: January 5, at 5pm.
MTSC: How many people?
Self: Six
MTSC: and what name will this be under?
Self: (gives name)
MTSC: No, I still don’t see anything under your name there. Are you sure you made it under that one?
Self: I didn’t make one yet. I’m trying to make one now.
MTSC: OOOOOOoooohhh!!!! I was confused about that. All better now.
Self: PUH-Lease, let me speak to your manager. I’ll wait.
MTSC: He’s really busy. I can handle the reservation stuff. Now, what day did you need this?
{we go round and round in a circle. Finally on the 5th attempt she realizes she needs to write down the info and that it’s not already there}
MTSC: Wow, I was really confused there. If you want to make a reservation, you should just tell me that’s what you want.
MTSC: Just to confirm everything, it’s a table for 6 at 5pm on Jan 5 under the name (gives name).
Self: Yes, thank you.

I did call again much, much later. Yes, they had lost my 7pm reservation (and all the info that went with it: the pre-orders, the payment info, etc.) and yes, I did have one now for 5. I hope this isn’t a preview of the evening.


caramama said...

OMG! Are you serious? What was wrong with this girl? Did you ever talk to the manager? Cause I think you should let the manager know both that your original reservations were lost and the idiot who you talked to that time. What if you hadn't called to confirm? It's a good thing you did!

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great time!

Becoming Mommy said...

Yes, I did when I called way later that night. I replayed the conversation to him as well. He kept coming by our table every 15 minutes to see if we needed anything...a little excessive, but I think he definitley took note.