Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today is Youngest Brother’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Kid! Hope the Marines actually give you your birthday present I sent…and hey, maybe you’ll actually get your Christmas present too!
Yeah, I know. I’m an optimist.
Yesterday on our day off we took care of a lot of odd little things. After all, this year we weren’t exhausted from partying late. We didn’t need to pick up the house after the Hound getting into the party favors. It was just like a bonus Sunday in the middle of a week—what with the Holy Day of Obligation and all…
We completed and filed our Wills.
We created online Groups for our various family/friends so everyone could keep in touch more easily.
We did a little errand running. Returned all the non-fitting baby clothing with the exception of one sleeper where the giver removed all the tags (why?!?). Used the credit at the store to his spring clothes. But didn’t do the 2 big things we wanted to do…get a new kitchen table and a GPS system. Costco was closed (where the electronics were on sale) and the vintage –i.e. used—and unfinished wood furniture store went out of business.
Did some research on what charities to contribute to this year and whether it be monetary or time contributions.
Sent a Letter of Complaint to Merry Maids. They’ve been to our house 3 times to “re-do” a cleaning. We aren’t sure what they are doing but there’s a lot of appearing-to-be-cleaning going on without actually cleaning anything. I sent photos of the filth they left. I also informed them that I didn’t want to hear any excuses about it all really being “stained” etc. as we were hearing. If I can clean everything to bright shining gorgeousness with water, an old t-shirt, and a Shark….it ain’t stained.
Yeah, I did it myself. I was annoyed and don’t like living in filth….hence the hiring of a service to help me out. Unfortunately, they are beginning to take up more effort than me doing it on my own. “Our Work is Guaranteed”—my a**.
And no, I am not in any way a clean freak. Our place does not resemble Adrian Monk’s Paradise in any way. I simply want my money’s worth. For example, if you say you’re gonna clean my tub, I better not still see the grey soap scum ring or the blue globs where the Head & Shoulders spilt.

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caramama said...

It feels so good to have a day in the middle of the week, and to get errands done!

As for the cleaning service, we had some cleaning service, and they were AWFUL! I mean, we'd come home and our entryway would smell like cigarettes. Neither of us smoke. And I won't even get into the not-cleaning they did.

So I switched to the woman who cleans my mom's house, and she is fantastic! Her and her sister clean thoroughly and quickly, and they are great with pets. So I suggest that you try and get recommendations for a person who cleans, and cancel the big-name service.