Monday, January 7, 2008


The Hound has a disturbing new behavior. Because of it, I've had to start crating her at night again with a lock on her door.

She's obsessed with breastmilk and, yes, understands where it comes from.

She got a little expressed and apparently is quite fond. So fond she wants some of her own. And her attempts have me creeped out to no end.

I fell asleep nursing Sasha one day during an afternoon nap and was awoken by an odd sensation.

It was The Hound attempting to latch on. She'd slithered up the side of the glider and managed to get up there with us without actually touching us.

I didn't get a bite or anything either. It's just that the feeling didn't feel like Sasha's mouth so I woke up. And since the idea of being a wetnurse to an adult dog is too freakin' weird to even contemplate, we're taking steps.


caramama said...

I know this probably feels weird and gross to you, but I really found it funny. hehe. What is it with hound dogs and their obsessive need to get to any source of food?? I can just imagine how carefully she was trying to sneak in and get some yummy milk.

We have a beagle, and I think she'd be the same way if she ever tasted breastmilk and figured out where it came from. Good luck getting the behavior to stop, because that would freak me out. Although, it's still funny. ;-)

Burgh Baby said...

Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! THAT would totally freak me out. I love our dogs and all, but not quite like that.