Monday, February 25, 2008

6 Things

Here are the rules:
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3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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6) Let the fun begin!

Here are 6 quirks about me.

1. When I get tired, I seem to forget how to speak English. Yes, it is my first and only fluent language. However, deprive me of sleep and the smatterings of other languages I know come out...although not in the right context. The first phase though is Nonsensical English. It happened a lot when I was in college. I can distinctly remember being in the library with a research group going over abstracts and handing over a stick of gum and asking "Would you like some eye lotion?".

2. I am about the most domestically challenged person I know. Not because I don't know how to do things, but because I simply seem incapable. I've tried to learn how to do things like sew and knit and tat. When and where I lived in New Orleans gender roles still were very important socially and there was a great deal of pressure for me to learn the Duties of Wife and per Good Housekeeping 1952. So I tried. I really, really tried. But I'm completely inept.
I tried to learn to sew, but I would somehow end up stitching the items to the clothes I was wearing. The thread would not stop knotting up into little pom-poms. And the sewing machine became possessed by the spirit of a blender, eating my project.
I tried to learn to knit, but it never seemed to work out...I'd end up with a lacy macrame project instead.
I tried to learn to tat....enter more knotted up little pom-poms.
If it weren't for the legal/budget portion of my Interior Design class (it was that or Parenthood--I didn't see my bag of flour making it till the end of the semester) I would have failed. Though that was terribly subjective...I still don't like placemats.
My cooking didn't fare much better, but that was when I tried to cook Southern-style. When I started cooking my own way...well that worked much better.

3. I hate clutter. If it were up to me, the walls of a house would actually be floor-to-ceiling cabinets that were on magnetic latches so they'd close flush and pop-open at a touch. I love pictures of rooms with almost no furniture or decor--just a nice plant, a beautiful colored wall, good lighting, and a few necessary and well-made peices. This makes my husband crazy because he says it looks too spartan and impoverished. I think it looks clean and tidy.

4. I watch the Girls Next Door. It's the guilty pleasure of watching a complete train wreck. I can't help but think they must be the most deluded and stupid young women I've ever seen. But I can't stop watching. Why? Because I'm actually gleefully waiting for Holly to get kicked to the curb. Not that I'm for treating women so shabbily, but lets be real...a man like that is unlikely to do anything else. And there are young women out there who actually beleive that Holly is going to have her fairytale wedding (I have heard them). Please world, dose them with reality.

5. Speaking of 'Tat'--okay, that was 3 items ago--I actually have a tattoo. It seems to shock people because they see me as a sort of superconservative, straight arrow type. I'm not superconservative. I'm actually fairly liberal (I'd be a full-on Democrat if it weren't for the abortion issue).

6. I've had pets my whole life...even though my parents didn't know about 90% of them. I had a habit of either taking in injured wild animals, abandoned young, or luring unsuspecting wild fauna into the house. Never snakes though. Those things freak me out to no end. I was only caught a few times (like at Grandma's with the jackrabbit) but overall, no one seemed to notice. It recently came out and my Father said he knew about some of them, but just figured he'd let me have my secrets and didn't dig into it. My Mom was very put out and didn't like it at all.
And there you have six non-important things/habits/quirks about me.

Now, I tag Zak, Hallie, and Burgh Baby's Mom . I can't wait to read your six!


caramama said...

Girls Next Door is oddly fascinating. I've been known to watch on occassion, too. I could see getting into that show.

I also hate clutter, and yet I seem to live with it constantly. I like the sound of floor to ceiling cabinets... maybe I could convince hubby to put some in...

Thanks for playing! That was very interesting!

Burgh Baby said...

My dream house will be big enough to allow me to have no more than three pieces of furniture per room. It will have one room dedicated to all things plastic and tacky specifically for the use of the Toddler, but the rest of the house will be minimalistic and beautiful and perfect. Ahhh . . .