Monday, February 11, 2008

Of Pumps and Pucks

It’s been quite a weekend.
Sasha’s cold progressed to something more and Friday was nothing less than incessant screaming. No nursing, no eating, no sleeping….but he barely had a fever and still seemed well hydrated. I managed to get him an appointment at our Dr’s (which is 10 min from home) and as luck would have it the first available was at the end of my workday. So I didn’t have to take time off or anything.
He had the very start of a sinus infection—poor little guy. So we got him some antibiotics. I’ve been panicked he’s going to have an allergic reaction (like we’ve experienced with so many odd things). But so far, so good. And he’s feeling so much better to boot. We’re back to only one wake-up a night and he’s back to Happy Boy.
Also, tooth #4 finally popped out on Saturday. So another source of personal torture was ended. Good thing because Hubby was away for the day for a Robot event.
Robot Season is almost over. They ship off the big one next Tuesday. The following weekend they have a competition in Philly. Hubby is seeing if he can go. But he’s looking to arrange it so we ALL can go. Sasha misses his Daddy terribly if he doesn’t see him all day and won’t sleep without Daddy snuggles at some point that day. It’s miserable. And now it’s more evident that he needs his Dad because he’s started wanting down from me, and will cruise/crawl over just to hug his legs. He’ll do the same to me when I come home from the office.
I’m so glad we got an affectionate little boy. His need for out-of-nowhere hugs, snuggles, and kisses (and need to give them) really just makes it all worthwhile.
Sunday Hubby and I had a little break. Sasha went to his Grandma’s and I was treated to my Christmas Present. A day downtown.
We went to Chinatown for the New Year celebration first. Then we went to a Caps vs. Rangers game (yes, I am a Hockey Fan). Then back to Chinatown and a nice late lunch at Tony Chang’s.
By the way, it is an experience trying to get past security with a Breast Pump. Apparently a giant bag with wires and tubes marks you as a Terror Suspect—at least till they see a collection of empty baby bottles (LOL!). It was quite amusing to see the realization of what the guard was handling spread across his face. And the horror. He suddenly dropped everything and said “go, just go in…” Men are so weird about all things breast-related.
That night my Grandad also was released from the hospital. He’s so ornery, I’m sure the staff was glad to see him go.


caramama said...

I'm glad Sasha is feeling better! And yeah for the 4th tooth!

Sounds like you had a nice day on the town. Good for you!

The Pumpkin is the same when daddy is out of town... she just doesn't sleep as well and is slightly off. It's tough. I hope your hubby is enjoying Robot Season!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm glad Sasha is feeling better so quickly after getting drugs. That's always a good sign.

I'm still trying to figure out this robot thing, BTW. The one word that consistently comes to mind is, "Why?" Yeah, I don't get it.

Have fun in Philly (if you get to go)!