Friday, February 15, 2008

To our little Buddy-bud

Dear Son of Mine,

You know your Daddy and I love you to peices. We would do anything for you. But we really would like some of your help here.

Firstly, I would like you to stop the biting. I don't think you understand just how much it hurts your Mama and how hard it makes it to nurse you. Because of this, unless something changes, you are gonna be cut off right after your birthday in June. Seriously kiddo, those little teeth of yours have broken skin repeatedly. The world can see the bitemarks on my hands and face, as well as your Daddy's, and Grandparents'.

But I want to thank you for learning why it's bad to pull hair. Granted, you taking a yank on your own little wisps may have been the hard way, but it has been appreciated by all of those you socialize with. If you could learn the same rule applies to fur, the puppies would also be grateful.

Your Daddy and I would also like to let you know that when you cannot see us, we are still there. You know the peek-a-boo game you are so fond of? It's like that. We're right behind the blankie. You do not need to cry.

And there is a special request from the Hound. If you don't want to play with her, she requests that you stop following her all over the house. Do not chase her down then cry when she wants to lick you or gives you whatever nasty, gooped up toy she has. It's very confusing.

That's all for now. There are lots of other things we'd like to help you learn, but these right now are what make things unnecessarily hard.

Much Love and Smooches,


caramama said...

Can you send a copy of this to mine? Thanks! ;-)

Burgh Baby said...

You crack me up. In our house, the Toddler DREAMS of getting the dogs to play with her. They very rarely oblige.