Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cleaning And Traveling

Today one of my co-workers stopped by to pick up the last of the baby stuff. I feel terrible because of the state of my house.

You know how it looks when you're doing spring cleaning.

Everything is pulled out of the closets and attic into piles everyhere.

Laundry is stacked awaiting the iron because I'm not putting rumply drapes back up.

Because it's spring, it is also "mud season" and the dogs have put their mark on everything.

And then add to it the fact we are, as always, in the middle of doing laundry so there was a pile in the mudroom, that we had breakfast dishes in the sink, the nursery smells like poo because Sasha has soiled his diaper during his nap, and I have yet to shower?

Yeah, embarassing.

But now Hubby is home, and I have help doing this all. And next week? Spring break. He can easily do a few things while Sasha naps. Like iron the drapes for rehanging, Pack stuff for Goodwill or Freecycling into the truck. Go thru that box of old files he had when he married me and trash it (does he really need Taco Bell paychecks from high school? I think not).

And then back to work and the following week, Philly. He still has to hammer out details, but we're staying in the same nice hotel as last time (and I hope we get another surprise upgrade too!). Not that I want to see that, but the free meals and much nicer room more than made up for it for me.

We're planning out our summer trip to California to visit my Grandmother and relatives who don't get out to the east coast. I'm thinking that except for things like dog boarding and food we can go for free. Points for airfare. Different points for lodging. Yet other points for a rental car. And we need to use them too. Apparently several of those programs are going to end soon because the companies are struggling financially. We need to get everything redeemed while we still can.

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