Monday, March 10, 2008


How do you know when your baby is really talking? How do you determine if it isn't just a happy coincidence?
If your baby uses "dada" "mama" "go" "Hello" (really Hi-low) and other words mostly in the right context does he talk? Or is it just a happy accident that those sounds came out the right time?
Especially when certain of his words aren't words.
Like Bomb noises? Apparently those are the dogs.....


caramama said...

I found this really hard to tell. But there was a point, where she looked at me and said Mama. And I just knew, and even if she wasn't saying it, I believed she was and that was good enough for me.

Her first word was "ca" for cat. We were sure, because everytime she saw the cat, she would say it. And they say that when a child says the same noise consistently for a person or object, that is them saying a word. But it's often hard to tell.

Burgh Baby said...

I didn't figure it out until strangers commented. For example, our pediatrician swears Alexis said "bye bye" at her 6-month appointment. At the time, I thought SURELY our pediatrician was a loony tune. Looking back, she was probably right because no more than two weeks later, she was waving and saying bye-bye every day when we left daycare. I also didn't give the kid credit for saying "hi" to everyone under the sun until some Grandma said "hi" back to her.

I say if you think it's a word, it's a word. Or if a stranger does. Either way.