Monday, March 10, 2008


We survived our Daddy-Free time. Hubby came home and Sasha has been sleeping better. Not all night, but he is asleep more often than he isn't.

I still haven't given him the analgesic because it scares me. It's a very low-dose opiate. Yeah. Strong stuff. I know it's a very dilute tincture. I know that it's just supposed to be used in the slightest dampening of the affected area by Q-Tip.

I know he'd hardly be getting anything at all. But it still frightens me to give him something that strong.

Table feeding has Sasha can't seem to get over the weird texture of "real" food. Lots of gagging and faces. He's not actually choking and is perfectly fine. He also continues to put more in. I know it's not a taste issue because of what we're feeding him...peaches, avocado, mango, sweet potato....foods he already loves. We figured that'd be the easiest way to start the transition. He will get accustomed eventually to gumming his food and the new textures.

I also have convinced Sasha's grandma to start feeding formula to supplement. Not sure what was keeping her from it. I was completely on formula by his age.

And have several interviews this week with child care. I still don't know if for sure I can't telework, but even if I do, we're reaching a point I need more help than I'm currently getting.

I have definitely made a determination on whether one of my flakier forays is somethign I beleive in or not. Animal communication. Yeah, it's a crock of poo. I could give you details, but suffice it to say, if she was talking to a dog? It sure as heck wasn't ours. Diametric opposite actually. Maybe the neighbor's beagle? Maybe a lot of dogs. But the Hound? No way.


caramama said...

Glad you made it through! Yeah for Sasha sleeping better!

Good luck finding the right daycare. And thanks for sharing that the animal communication is a crock. I thought it probably was, but you never know... until you do know.

Burgh Baby said...

Good luck with the daycare hunt. I'm still ever-so-grateful that I found the right place on the first try. Just thinking about searching hurts my brain.

Maybe you'd feel better about teething tabs instead of the gel? I couldn't use the gel myself since I tried it in my own mouth and hated the feel of it. But the tabs seemed a lot better, and I recognized most of the ingredients. They seemed to work, sort of.