Friday, March 7, 2008

Dada Go.

Well, day 1 went fine. He was hyper and happy.
Nighttime is a different story though. He woke up every hour on the hour crying. It didn’t take much to put him back to sleep, but it was just Every. Single. Hour.
I’m so tired.
Today he seems fine, happy, and hyper again. The pediatrician visit went well. He fully beleived in the allergies and sensitivities and no advice to "put baby lotion on it". Just come back in if he had a bad reaction to anything and he'd help me take care of it. Different philosophy on feeding babies. In his view, once they’re into pre-toddler/cruising mode you can feed them whatever you want, they seem interested in, and is good healthy food (no alcohol, of course). Just make sure it’s not choking pieces and introduce new things slowly. No more than 1 every few days.
I still think I’m going to wait a little longer for dairy, seafood, and peanuts. But as for everything else? Here we go!
Also gave Sasha a prescription topical analgesic for the teething. Said he hoped it would get him comfortable enough that he sleeps thru the night (and therefore so do I). I’m not going to try it right now because I know the majority of the sleeplessness is a want for Daddy. Pain relief is great, but it’s not going to make him stop missing his Father.
Hopefully he sleeps tonight.
Oh, and we got ½ our carseat order and the Taggie. Goodness he likes that Taggie. Won’t stop rubbing it on his face or in his fingers.
And the seat came none too soon either. Alex is over 19lbs. His carseat weight limit? 20.
Apparently the “cheapo seat” (Graco) we ordered to just keep in the truck was destroyed en route and they need to send a new one. The Britax is here. Makes me think that the Graco must not be that good. I mean, what did they do? Back over it with the mail truck?
Thank you Burgh Baby’s Mom. That was a great site. Way cheaper!
Also have some appointments next week for daycare options that all have openings. They supposedly all teach the kids stuff all day (to include Spanish). Language is really the only academic subject Sasha really can learn right now, but it’s something I really would like—a bilingual baby.


caramama said...

Sorry for the tough night! But I'm glad the days are pretty good. The doctor sounds really good, too!

Good luck with the rest of hubby's absence!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm glad it worked out! I LOVE the Britax and that site. I'd much rather save $100 than get the purdiest color ever.

Sorry you are sleep-deprived. Daylight Saving Time certainly doesn't help matters either.