Monday, March 17, 2008


I've been working to replace Linus. I know, I know...he loves it. But it causes problems when we need him to self soothe sometimes.

For example, in sleep. He will try to snuggle it under his face while curled up on his tummy. This makes for an odd and uncomfortable lump. And therefore, crying.

So I am trying to work in the Taggie to replace it.

At the moment, it seems to be going well. I take it out whenever I go to nurse him and rest it on him. It's helped with the SuperSoaker action by giving his hands something to do. And now, I've noticed, he is going to it more and more when he wants to self-soothe. Yay!

Sasha has been doing well. He stood up Saturday night and then took his hands off and stayed there a while. Then of course he got excited and did that arm-flail-spaz he does when excited and fell down. But was a moment. Now he knows he can do it and is learning to lower himself without holding onto anything.
I can so tell he's categorized things in his room. He has this little train that cycles colored balls thru it. The Hound has eaten all but the orange one, and so he knows that something orange works in the train. He has tried to shove everything orange into that train to see if it also will work. Naturally, it doesn't but it's fortunate that the makers figured on that happening and made the train pull apart easily to fish out jammed in stuffed tigers.

We're trying to teach him to clap, but really I think he'd rather just have us do it for him. He will do it once I hold his hands for him and start singing the song, but spontaneous clapping is just not happenin'. It's not like Peek-a-boo where he'll find a cloth and start playing on his own. Or Humpty Dumpty where he'll start bouncing himself on your lap (after climbing into it) and throwing himself backwards.

Food, well, my step back wasn’t far enough. He just does NOT like texture. The overcooked couscous should not have posed a problem. But he doesn’t want it in his mouth. The dinner we tried this weekend he didn't care for either. It was a veggie dinner with zucchini, corn, greenbeans, etc. Some of it was new and some of the veggies he'd had before. He didn't like something there and was kind of on a food strike on and off all weekend. All he would eat without a struggle was stupid mangos and oatmeal.

Did some errand running and cleaning this weekend. House looks almost presentable and dogs are happy because they got new toys...has been almost a year since I did and theirs were pretty sad. It's hard because they destroy their stuff quickly and I need to find ones that will hold up. This seems their favorite:

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caramama said...

That's a good idea about the taggies blanket. I think I'm going to try that. Thanks!

So cute about him categorizing and trying orange things. And woo hoo for his standing! Isn't he amazing?