Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taste of Success


For I have found the Daycare from Heaven.

Beanie's Mom has found the best daycare I could ever hope for in having what amounts to complete strangers watching my Sasha. It's exactly what I thought daycare should be and I don't feel at all bad about having to start him there in April. I am keeping my other interview appointments, but it's just for fact finding.

I mean, what happens if Sasha gets kicked out for biting? Given his latest phase, it's a very real possibility.

But meanwhile, he will be exposed to 3 languages twice a week: Urdu, Spanish, and English. He already gets plenty of English and I try very hard to use Spanish too when speaking to him. If he learns Urdu, maybe he can help Mommy when she has to go do something in the county his Grandma lives in. He will see a familiar baby twice a week (Beanie!). And he will be in a safe, clean, and loving environment.

Sasha is still in his Chabo the Wolf Baby phase. Only now he has so actual teeth it isn't funny anymore. I feel so weird for feeling apprehension when I see my baby coming towards me, rather than warm fuzzies. But he crawls around with his mouth held ready to chomp down on everything in his path. Last night I even saw him purposely plant his face into the carpet and bite at the pile. We all flinch because we know that "Jaws" is preparing to attack.

And I think I'm going to take a few steps back on his food. We bought a babyfood brand of something that looks like couscous. I'm going to try it because it will add texture to his food while not causeing a problem should he swallow some whole. Also, if I find it's the same consistancy as couscous? I'm just going to buy the regular stuff. I also bought him some slightly chunkier babyfoods to transition to. I think when it comes to stuff like that he's just not that interested. We have the finger foods and the trainer bowl and utensils ready for when he is ready to make that leap. I apparently am still in the "Today is the last day, everyday" mood when it comes to nursing. Maybe that's the trick...just think of getting thru this one last feeding...and then do that every time. So you don't need to dread the hundreds of bites...just a couple.


Burgh Baby said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought every day. If I can make it through today, then we'll figure out what to do tomorrow. It worked for me.

Daycare may be able to put an end to the biting. We had a few biters at our daycare and they were able to squash it pretty good for a few kids. They've got mad skillz, those daycare ladies. Good thing, too, because my kid was nearly always the bitee.

caramama said...

Yeah for the daycare!!! Boo for Jaws.

To get through the thrush we had in the earlier months, I did the same thing--today is the last day, and tomorrow we will stop nursing. After a while, we were beyond the thrush and pain, and we were back to our normal nursing. Good luck!