Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Stubborns and Food

We’ve started to make some headway in The Stubborns when it comes to Sasha’s eating. He’s still not very skilled at getting the food in his mouth and so I always have had to account for at least 25% waste that he’ll just wear.

This is mostly when it comes down to his proteins, dairy, and sometimes the fruit and veggies too.

Last night I did a lot of cooking which hopefully has fixed the problem. It also will help with the store of “baby food” we have that we haven’t been feeding (except the fruit) and we’ve only been keeping to give to his caretakers to feed him. He’s not about to eat them now and I hate waste.

The recipes I’m going to start posting as I go thru his pantry will be good for everyone who’s got unusable baby food. Whether it be because you practice Baby Led Weaning and someone gave you some you never used, or you did have at least some instances where you fed purees and your baby will no longer take them.

Last night he ate Fish Cakes. 5 of them. In addition to some green beans and apple bits.

This morning he ate an entire blueberry Belgian waffle. I’ve learned the trick is to mix the flavoring in the batter, not put it on top like we adults are used to. I added jars of blueberry-apple baby food to the waffle batter. Then I cooked it normally, cut it up, and let him go to town (no syrup or toppings). He loved it and ate the entire thing. And the benefits of this type of flavoring is it mixed evenly throughout the batter, whereas bits of fruit would probably just have him picking them out.

I’ll post more as I figure them out. There hasn’t been a stray crumb since last night so this may be the better way of feeding him.

Oh, and it seems he really, truly, wants nothing to do with nursing or bottles. All he wants is his sippy and everything else starts a battle.

Looks like we're weaning and the pina coladas will be flowing soon!

Sasha is allergic to pineapple and so I haven't been able to have any at all. Pina coladas were going to be my celebration of new freedom


caramama said...

What a good idea(s) for using up un-used baby food! Congrats on the weaning. Enjoy your pina coladas!

Burgh Baby said...

You go with your bad recipe-finding self! Heck, I just gave all of our baby food away when I realized there was no way it would ever get eaten. I like your idea!