Monday, May 26, 2008

Zoo To-Do

We went to the DC Area Moms meetup this Saturday.

CaraMama is so sweet in the things she’s had to say about everyone. I speak only for my contingent since Sasha was in an especially chompy mood and I do not belong in the ranks of beautiful mommies (“coated in sweet potato”...that better describes me Saturday :-)). The other Mamas are in fact very lovely and their little ones were beautifully behaved.

I’m in awe of anyone who isn’t having to censor themselves or scold “No Bite!!” every 30 seconds.

I met up with Cara, Folle, Chaser, and one other Mommy I can’t place before we had to go. Naptime was already past due and spontaneous tears without apparent cause are always a good indicator. I had him have a little drink while snuggled with his Taggie and he shortly passed out and slept the whole way back.

I do think Sasha’s a little young right now for the zoo. It involves a lot of stroller-time and that’s too much sitting still for him. After all, it’s 2 hours to get there when you combine the carseat time/drive to the Metro, and the stroller ride down to Woodley Park and the walk up to the Visitor’s center. He’s already reached his limit by that point and wants out.

I think to have his first real zoo trip (one where we see animals—I’m not counting this one) it’d be better to go to the Reston Zoo, or even to a nearby farm. Minimize the time where he’s kept immobile leading up and we’d probably have more fun.

This, I suppose, gives a FABULOUS glimpse of what the plane ride to California will be this summer. All those hours trapped on a plane in a non-stop flight. Oh joy and rapture.


La folle maman said...

It was great meeting you. I'm sorry we didn't have more time to talk. Lil' Monkey wasn't exactly on his best behavior that day and I'd like to spend more time talking to you and the other parents rather than wrangle him constantly!

caramama said...

I loved meeting you and Sasha. I don't know what you are talking about, because you are very pretty and your boy was delightful! Okay, you did have to tell him "no bite" a few times, but I had to keep my little one from tossing food on the ground and keep her from squirming out of her seat. That's what kids do, right? For me, that's what's great about getting together with other parents. We all understand and aren't bothered. (And those that are, aren't the ones I hang out with.)

Oh and the stroller? Forget about it. We mostly used that to cart around our stuff while she was in my sling or the carrier! We also spent a good amount of time letter her toddler around on a grassy area.

Regardless, it was ambitious of you, and I'm impressed. I didn't bring the Pumpkin to the zoo until her first birthday a couple months ago, and we went during an off time where I wasn't worried about her behaving so much. So kudos to you for attempting it! I hear the Reston Zoo is great fun.

And sweet potatoes? Didn't notice. You, however, are lucky I showered at all before getting out of the house or I would have been covered in goodness knows what.