Friday, June 20, 2008

And then...and then...

That stubborn 8th tooth finally erupted. I was beginning to wonder if it was impacted or something.
Meanwhile, we've been told he's working on molars already. Apparently that's what it means when the kid is incessantly digging in his ears when he doesn't have any infection.
Life with him has gotten to be really funny now that he's talking...sort of...and really seems to know what we're saying.
For one, is the way I'm greated at home:
"Mom-mom, Mom-mom....up!" And once I pick him up, a string of babbling comes out that just doesn't stop till he falls asleep hours later.
I figure, he's telling me about his day. The incomprehensible baby talk is peppered with the words he says we've figured out. And then he'll be distracted and I *KNOW* he's asking me something about his Dad ("Da") or what the dogs are doing (he always uses their name, followed by "doggie", like it's their last name). And I look perplexed, and he repeats it EXACTLY.
But honestly, I have no clue what he's said. So I guess. Sometimes I apparently understand, and sometimes he just looks at me so frustrated.
He's finally caught on to patty cake and so big and other little baby tricks. He's known what to do, but didn't quite get it. He always would grab our hands before he'd clap or raise his arms. He's just figured out he was really supposed to do it alone. Now if you ask him to do it, and aren't really paying attention when he does it, he'll say, "I did it!" and hold the pose till you look.
I honestly don’t think he knows that’s 3 words. To him it's just something that gets us to look at him.
And we have seen and heard one hand clapping. It's what happens when you want to applaud yourself but don't want to stop sucking your fingers.

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caramama said...

Yeah for Sasha! This is such a neat age!