Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

It's been a terribly hectic few days.

Friday at work my computer crashed as did the servers untill about 3pm. At which point I needed to start work that was actually due at 2 so I spent a few extra hours at the office.
Saturday we had the follow up for Sasha's ear and that went well, although they told me his old doctor still hadn't sent the records I'd requested they transfer and paid their $1 per page charge for---FOUR MONTHS AGO!!! And they weren't goint to do the 1 year old check-up till they had them. Hubby had to go and get them himself this morning so we can see the pediatrician--again--tomorrow.

Then we had to run errands, eat, clean, do laundry, and have the baby nap all before his photo appointment at 4 (which means we need to leave at 3:30).

So naturally, Sasha refuses to nap and at about 3:00 the Hound slinks into his room and hides under the crib Very, very red. Blood red, in fact.

She'd caught the tip of her ear on the fence in one of her efforts to escape and had bled all over herself from that itty bitty cut. And all over the floor and carpet too, incidentally. She did clot and it healed just fine once we caught her, cleaned her up, and kept her from fussing with it for 5 minutes while I held a piece of tissue on it with a little styptic.

How do we know it's from the fence?

  • A new GINORMOUS hole has appeared.
  • In addition to the cut, she had a big ol' splinter right between her eyes.
  • The rocks stuck between her toes.
  • The blood on the fence and trail into the house, splatter where she shook, smear where she tried to wipe herself off on the wall and furniture, and trail up to the crib.

Hound is back to her summer persona, by the way. She's not so much a dog then as a wild animal we happen to feed and allow to sleep in our room. She stays outside all day, regardless of enticements we provide indoors, and does everything she can to avoid the trappings of domestication like pre-killed food. She's Hubby's dog when she's like this. He is more of a cat person and likes an animal who doesn't really need you...just checks in every so often. I'm a dog person and like a little shadow who wants to snuggle all the time. The Hound ain't that kind of dog.

Anyway, we managed to make it to the photographers parking lot just as the heavens opened and decided to pour buckets on us. And Sasha, in true toddler fashion, decided to become cranky, somber and uncooperative.

We got a few nice ones, but babies as fair as him should not be photographed against a white background.

Sunday was Fathers' day and I guess it's really more Grandfathers' day because Hubby didn't really end up with any special time for him...except for a 2 hour escape trip he took to Home Depot.

At which point Sasha decided to exhibit his full toddlerhood. He wanted to do something, I said no. So he kicked me in the shin. I scolded him for kicking. So he decided to punch me. I scolded him for that. Then he decided to start wailing on me while shrieking and yelling "NOOOO!". So I picked him up and dumped him in his pen for time out while I cleaned the kitchen and ignored him while he threw a tantrum. When he was quite finished, I fed him afternoon snack. And then Hubby reappeared, having missed it all...except for the tiny bruises where his little sneakers got me and the big scratch across my face.

Happy Father's Day, Hon'. Since you said you didn't want anything (except the Wii, which isn't happening) your gift was getting to miss that...


La folle maman said...

Sorry your Father's Day didn't go so well. Where do they learn these habits though? The kicking, punching and screaming? I'd like to say it's daycare but something tells me they'd figure those out anyway. Maybe it's just natural human response?

I must say though, I had to laugh at your comment about "babies as fair as him should not be photographed against a white background". When Monkey was 3 months old we took him for portraits and it looked really funny. You could see eyes, hair and overalls and barely anything else in the one shot!

Becoming Mommy said...

I remember reading somewhere...maybe back in developmental psych? That not only was it normal for toddlers to exhibit aggression (hitting, kicking, etc.) but that it was developmentally appropriate and healthy. So I guess that would make it just part of being human. It doesn't make it any more acceptable, but it doesn't make me concerned about his influences. I just know it's a phase we have to experience, but will pass with our influence and instruction.

So it just means our little boys are normal, healthy, developing little guys. And we'll have tiny shoe marks in our shins. :-(

caramama said...

You have had things pretty hectic! I hope they are going smoother now.

My hound dog (beagle) is so completely the opposite of yours!

Sorry about Sasha's tantrums. I know they are developmentally appropriate, but still annoying and frustrating.