Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Food Fight

I've been so hungry lately, and I've finally figured out why.

I feed Alex his dinner, and then like many mothers before me, finally sit down to eat myself after he's been fed and a thousand other things have been taken care of.

Problem was, I only ever seemed to remember dishing up my plate, not actually eating any.

As it turns out, I haven't been. By the time I sit to eat, Sasha finished his dinner a little while ago and wants to eat again (actually, 15 minutes is enough for that to happen, because the kid is ALWAYS hungry). And so he asks for my food and I don't like to deny him so he ends up eating everything on my plate/in my glass.

And me, not thinking, just clean up when my plate is empty rather than get more food.

Ah well...I needed to lose the weight, right?

In other news, Summer Hound has had the snot beat out of her by something not yet determined. The bite wound pattern doesn't seem to point to KerryGirl (but I know how pressure, angle, etc can distort soft tissue damage). Also, the Hound was out again, our house/yard was clean, their interaction hasn't changed, and Kerry didn't have any mess on her. Not that I'm ruling her out entirely...she is a terrier...but it seems unlikely. We don't know what got the Hound, but she's pretty beat up and has been following us around, glued to us, since she came back. Not like her to not want to go outside without me.

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caramama said...

Poor Hound!!!

Great pics of Sasha! Even with the white background. He is so adorable.