Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sasha's better. Ate well yesterday and slept last night. It took a little to get him to go down to sleep, but in the end he went for the duration.

Brother-in-law and family stopped by to wish him a Happy Birthday. Was nice of them.

Work is...a lot. They hired me into a seriously messed up situation. Finally starting to get things working, but the disaster that preceeded keeps rearing it's ugly head. At least I can say all this nonsense isn't my fault--I'm just trying to clean it up. Helps most of the time. Then there's this group that seems to rejoice in sabotage, which is not exactly helping. But I've started a strategic campaign to get that fixed too.

Also, did you know that if you Google "Queen of the Bad Mommies", I pop up? Yeah, Google is great for the sense of well-being.

1 comment:

caramama said...

I do not understand how people can knowingly try to sabotage others.

At least you are the QUEEN of bad mommies! Next step, Empress!