Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plea to womankind

All Women Everywhere:

I know not all of us do this, but there is significant enough population in this world who do, to make this letter worthwhile.

Please, please, puh-lease, stop playing the part of the inept damsel in distress.

Everytime you do, you set us back about 200 years. You confirm the belief that women simply are not able to do things as well as men. That we aren't as good all-round. That we need to be coddled like children...oh poor little inferior creatures.

I met two of you yesterday in a parking lot while out buying diapers.

One of you said you had a dead battery. The other said you had jumper cables and a car that worked, but didn't know how to even open you hood.

You were trying to get Hubby's attention, but he was busy with Sasha. I was willing to help you. However, no, you wanted a man.

I pretended I didn't hear that. After all, I've jumped cars many times.

So the first thing I asked for was Woman A's cables and if they both had their owner's manuals to their cars. That way I could show Woman A how to open her hood, and figure out where the best place to connect for a ground was..according to the manufacturer.

And what was the response to that?

"But she has a know how that is.."No, lady. I have to say I don't. Nor do I know what that has to do with the price of rice in China.

And she just kept asking for Hubby to please help her. I eventually just told them to do it. If they weren't going to cooperate so I could help them, they'd be getting no help from me at all.
When I came out of the store, they had about a dozen men out there. Police, fireman, EMTs, random guys...

Turns out they just wanted to have attention so they could try and get dates. The various emergency services guys were p.o.ed. As for trying to hook up with the guy so obviously someone else's husband? Classy....


Jessica McFadden said...

Dude, they should have been arrested for crying wolf. Bad reps of our fair sex.

Karen said...

No. Way.

That takes a couple of nerves.

La folle maman said...

Definitely psychos! Seriously, was this something recommended to them in some girly magazine or movie? Where would they get such an idea?!

caramama said...

I was trying to come up with a witty response, but I just can't do it. Maybe my husband can come up with something...

Bwahahahah! Imagine if I thought like that?

I can't imagine what is wrong with those girls. Get a brain! Be a real woman and learn how to jump your car. And seriously learn to leave other women's husbands alone!