Monday, November 3, 2008

All the monkeys aren't in the zoo...

Since Saturday, being with Sasha can be like a trip to the zoo.
I think that he's finally understanding that there is more to the world that birds, fish, and dogs.
This weekend we were looking at one of his many animal picture books and he did not argue with me when I pointed out cows, pigs, lions...and insist that everything with 4 legs and fur was a dog. And talk to me with a toddler tone that implied my galactic stupidity.
Instead, an odd look came over his face and he insisted that I tell him what each animal was and what they said about 50 times.
And I'm pretty sure he got it and is able to transfer the abstract concepts from a book to other things.
Why?Because Sasha has a collection of very odd little plush animal masks I got at the Dollar wall (frog, lion, piggy, tiger, bear...).
And he'd bring them to me one at a time and demand "Do Iggy", "Do Line", "Do Fog"...over and over. Getting the right mask matched up with the right animal name. And he'd pick up one different than I was using, and do THAT animals sound.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's a cool idea with the masks. Seems like Monkey learns better from actual things than pictures in a book and perhaps I'll have to pick up some masks. So far Monkey really just does the things the animals "say" except for cat, which he actually says "cat". So perhaps your method might help him. Thanks for the idea!

caramama said...

Yeah! Way to go, Sasha! That's so cute that he brought them over to you to hear the sounds.

KG said...

Just today my son (15 months) figured out that the family cat, Oscar, was a CAT and not an OSCAR. I was so excited. He actually pointed to Oscar and said "cat" instead of "Ah" which is what he calls him since he can't say "Oscar."

Anyway I was excited.