Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Boy In Training: Status

My posting lately is spotty.
However, it goes with the purpose of this blog, really. Sasha. Kids change in spurts and so it follows that my writing would be…er…spurty.
He is getting so big. His summer of Big Boy in Training has been going well.
We’ve fully transitioned to the toddler bed and have no issues so far with him staying in it and sleeping thru the night after story time, prayers, and tuck in. It’s been a few weeks so I think it’s safe to say things are doin’ fine.
Potty training has been going fairly well too. Granted, there are still a few bumps—but we’re only 4 days into it. He’d much rather pee on the walls than in a potty (thank God for Nature’s Miracle). As for poop, he wants to hide and squat in some random corner rather than, again, on the pot. He holds it. He cries (because he holds it till it’s uncomfortable). But once it’s out the crying stops and he demands “TREAT!!!!“ So apparently he’s caught on to the reward system we’ve got going .
So mostly, it’s a game or redirection of what he already wants to do. And there are signs it’s beginning to work (he did one potty last night with no help at all…we just heard him yell “TREAT!” from his pot and he had, in fact, gone all on his own).
We might be also in a phase of pre-growth-spurt chunking-up. The kid has added another 2 full meals a day to his repertoire.

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caramama said...

Wow! What a big boy he is! Glad that the transition to the toddler bed went well, and I hope that the potty training continues to improve. I just think this is such an amazing age.