Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Call Me Typhoid Mary

Ever have a day where you wake up and you just have that overwhelming feeling NOTHING is going to go right?
Well, today we should have written off everything and just stayed home.
It started by my blowing a tire.
Normally, not a big deal. I can change a tire myself. But today? It blew on a winding, busy, one-lane road with steep hills and no shoulders. And the jack that came with my lovely car is evidently NOT strong enough to hold the weight of said car. Because it bent. And the car fell. And I was wearing my last set of clean workclothes—a beautiful white suit—which this fiasco absolutely destroyed.
After that, it was all downhill.
The bad-day seemed a virus. It spread to everyone I touched.
Dogs were grumpy, fought, and barked.
Children had repeated meltdowns.
Servers crashed.

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caramama said...

Hope things have been getting better!