Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Definition of "Monotony"

We’re in that stage of toddlerhood where you want to take long pointy things and ram them into your own ears.

Ah…the repetition.

Last night it was 45 minutes of “Level”. He knows most of the names for basic handtools (his father’s a shop teacher and that’s who he’s been home with all summer. It’s normal that he learn “planer” before he learn “purple”) and he found his fathers little cheapie level.


Forty. Five. Minutes.

And the only way to make it stop? Substitute another repetition.

I apparently chose “Hippo Poop*”. Because I’m stupid that way.

I know he needs to do this. I know his repetition is the same thing as doing drills. It’s the way to hammer something into your brain and make it stick. And it’s not just his speech, it’s everything. We must do the same thing, the same way each and every day. Every meal he wants to eat the same thing (no). Every song is to be “Ring Around the Rosies.”

Oh. My. God. Please make it stop.

*AKA ‘Everyone Poops’

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