Monday, August 17, 2009

This is What ADD Looks Like

I was filling out the renewal paperwork for Sasha’s daycare, and was once again hit with the portion of the forms where it asks about last daycare.

And even after over a year of being away from there. Having a wonderful experience with our current place. I still get angry.

Messing with me is often like poking a bear even when it comes to even little things. You really don’t want to poke me when I’m in Mama Bear mode. I do not forget and time apparently doesn’t lessen my anger. If anything, it magnifies it.

I’ve seen this woman on odd occasion around town and have always been struck by happy daydreams of her getting mowed down by a speeding bus/falling asteroid/stampeding brontosaurus….

To think she still takes care of people's shouldn't be allowed.


I’m terribly sore. Evidently sanding a kitchen down is definitely an upperbody workout.

Now that I have the black tiles, and the black/grey/white glass accent tiles I need to pick a wall color. Candy apple red? Or Sour Apple Green?


Sasha’s language is accelerating. As is his growth.

I saw him walk by his growth chart and could see he was taller. Actual measuring shows growth of an inch and a half just over the past two months. No wonder he keeps saying his legs hurt.

His translation of things we say is actually making it hard to scold him effectively. We want to laugh too much.


I’ve been listening to the debate about Health Care reform. I find it amusing when people say things about how the government has no business/experience/knowledge of providing healthcare.

Have they NEVER heard of the Military ? The VA? Or what about MediCare/MedicAid? There are some HUGE government run healthcare organizations. They may not be perfect, but they do provide care to many. The government *has* done this before. Granted, not on the same scale, but it wouldn’t be a completely new territory. It’s already versed in the HMO. Whether thats a good thing or a bad thing depends on your own experiance.

Other than that? Not a clue. I’m not really paying attention other than when someone says something stupid. Which is with unfortunate frequency.

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