Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Bit Improved

We had some good news, the biopsy for the Hounds growth came back. It is not a mast cell like the surgeon thought, but rather a histiocytoma. Totally harmless, common in young dogs (the Hound is only 4), and usually resolves itself in a few months. Since she's fussing with it, she needs to keep it covered so she's been wearing dog dresses and we've been giving her antihistamines in the meanwhile. I can see how it was mistaken though, it's meaty, HUGE, grew extremely fast, has a lesion, and it really seems to bug her.

So this'll make life much cheaper...benedryl and a dress vs. Surgery and possible chemo/rad? I'll pick benedryl and a dress any day.

And a bit less worrisome. Although, oddly, I didn't find mysself worried at all. I just assumed she'd be fine.


More good news, everyone is now on the same page on the tuition front--mostly that I am not made of money. This semesters fiasco is not to be repeated.


Work we've been told we must wait till the end of the month to hear anything. Not an answer I like, but what are you gonna do? There's every reason to beleive I'd be picked up by someone and possibly just have to start over, again, as a new employee. Fortunately, it'd be soon enough that it wouldn't mess up my pregnancy plans. It'd still have been over a year since I started there by the time any child was born.


On the toddler front, I don't know what I'm going to do about these stubborns. That child has a serious case of them.

  • about every 10 days he flat out refuses to use a toilet the entire day. REFUSES!!! I will NOT lose in a battle of wills with a two year old. If I can stare down generals; I can stare down someone 3 feet tall.

  • The other night he didn't want to stop playing blocks to go have his evening toilet (bath, toothbrush, etc.). So when I was about to go over and MAKE him, he threw a royal fit. The fit lasted throughout his ablutions. Finally I parked him back in front of his blocks and he stopped. I got him his evening drink, collected the menagerie he likes to have in his bed, and got all set up with the same books he likes read every night. He wouldn't budge. I enticed him with pictures of rhinos pooping. He stared at the wall. That kid wasn't going to be nice even if it killed him. His father came in and, oh, if he wasn't suddenly all sugar and sweetness...Hubby wasn't fooled. He told Sasha that he had 2 choices, go apologize and give Mommy a kiss, or go to bed. Darn it if that child didn't march himself right into his bed rather than kiss me!

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