Monday, September 21, 2009

Glad I Purchased too Large

Sasha has evidently grown another inch in the last month.

How the heck that child keeps growing at that rate is beyond me. But, again, I noticed him playing near his growth chart and his head up over the line.

His pants are actually nearly fitting perfectly now. Sizes 3T and 4T (depending on the maker).


We went to the zoo this weekend and the kiddo had a grand ol' time. That is till he totally melted down by the pony rides. Yes, it was about time for lunch. But I didn't think it a huge deal--we weren't running late yet--just one pony ride and then we'd leave to eat.

Instead, he became THAT CHILD. There's always one throwing a fit at places like zoos. This Saturday, it was ours. And the reason wasn't the typical gift shop gimee-gimees. Nope.

It was about a sandbox.

In the line where you wait for your pony ride, they have a washbin set up as an elevated sandbox for the little kids to play in. A nice distraction for them since the toddler set isn't known for their patience. Apparently he was not yet ready to leave the sandbox when his turn came up.

Major fit.

So we left. No pony ride*. No sandbox. No nothing.


Despite being older, Sasha's intestines apparently haven't yet acheived great fortitude.

We gave him fishsticks for dinner Saturday night. He eats them all the time. But this box was a bit more seasoned than normal.

And so we spend ALL of Saturday night/Sunday morning awake while he cried and screamed about gas problems.

Eventually I got him to settle into a position that aids in it's alleviation, but wow was that a fiasco.

The kid might be Italian and Spanish...but his guts are apparently all Irish.

*we did get out money back


Burgh Baby said...

I'd rather play in a sandbox than ride a pony, too.

caramama said...

Isn't there any way to play in the sandbox WHILE riding the pony? That would be perfect!