Monday, September 14, 2009

Not In My Happy Place

I am having to revisit our little budget.

I was not necessarily expecting a certain large expense (*cough* Doctoral tuition *Cough*) since I was assured that it would only be undertaken if arrangements were made to have it paid by someone else.

And of course I got the bill. Surprise!

I suppose Hubby has a different definition of “someone else”

And I do want to be supportive of him, but I can’t help but wonder how much this is going to benefit us as a family.

Or about my request that I be able to go get my MBA first since, you know, that would be fairly quick (I already have several credits towards it), cheap (I could get about 80% reimbursed), and far more likely to pay for itself and then some.

Yes, I crunch numbers on the payoff for education and I’m not seeing any payoff.

It’s hard to be happy about this. I’m really trying. Hopefully I’ll find some reason to soon.
On the subject of surprise bills, the Hound is going to have to go in for surgery soon. For once, Kerrygirl is totally fine. The Hound has a mast cell growth on her hip that’s going to have to go. We can work with the surgeon a little on price and we have good insurance on her, so it’ll come out to something fairly inexpensive, but still. Yikes.
Work is iffy. Rumors are flying and I’m hoping that next month I have a job. Meanwhile, we have no savings because of someones surprise tuition.

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caramama said...

Yikes! That's a tough place to be. I hope the Hound is okay, and that your job is secure. :-)