Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh Air Everywhere...

...but not a liter to breathe. Such is the case for Sasha.

His allergies are bad enough. Now the code orange and code red days are upon us and we find ourselves doing the unthinkable and telling a little boy, "No, you may not play outside." every time he's allowed (to include this past weekend) it takes about a week to recover.

and this is in spite of Claritin and Singilair.

I can't help but wish we weremoving out of this area, and to somewhere better for our family's health.

Maybe vacation in the mountains is what the Dr. ordered.


caramama said...

Poor Sasha! It's a tough time in this area for kids who love the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Aw so sorry to hear this. Hope he can get some relief soon whether it's the mountains ... or maybe the beach? I noticed my allergies were far less at the beach with it's lack of trees. Either way, hope some time away works.