Friday, November 5, 2010

I Still Am Wearing the Docs and Striped Thigh-Highs

Apparently the migraines were allergy related. I’d almost forgotten that I hadn’t taken any allergy meds since July. I’ve got some serious allergic shiners (I look like I got punched in the face. Repeatedly.), hives, and yesterday even got a fever (that went away. I think God must’ve taken pity on me and decided that the piling on was too much after my heels broke and I sprained my ankle). They should get less as the days go on and the meds build back up in my system.

I’m on a diet again. Not a gentle-on-the-liver-and-pancreas and in-keeping-with-random-food-aversions diet I had been on. A real one. I want to keep off the weight I lost during pregnancy and use it as a jumping off point to lose more. It’s the only good thing to come out of this so I’m holding onto it.

I’m starting to look healthier again. I’m still deathly pale and look like I’ve taken a roll in cornstarch or baby powder while slightly damp. But I no longer look grey, just white. Progress is progress. And I dyed my hair to at least feel better about my appearance and it’s seemed to capitalize on the Vampira look. The dark auburn hair, deep dark circles, and beyond pasty complexion don’t actually look too bad with a little makeup (very, very little). I look Goth rather than ill.

Granted, I’m a touch old for full-on skull-chokers and fake-midevil-wear as everyday garb.

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caramama said...

Good luck on the diet.

I love the idea of you going all Goth! Make sure those Docs are steel tipped!