Monday, December 27, 2010

Where We Find Out He Likes Pricey Brand Names

Much has been going on that I wasn’t sure how to address. Now more or less everything is good (we still need to find out what’s up with the Hound, but I think she’s going to be fine) so it’s all past.

This year Christmas was a productive one. I usually struggle to even begin what I want to get done, but not this year. This year I got the cards done on time, the shopping done weeks in advance, baking done, decorating finished, and even did a few Christmas-themed crafts. This year we did do the Gifts to the Animals for the front yard (popcorn and cranberry garland, peanut butter and birdseed coated pinecones, and some holiday-shaped pretzels). It’s pretty much gone back to nature now but it was a fun few days. I also got to decorate cookies with Sasha and cut out snowflakes. All in all, I think it was a good time and he really enjoyed himself.
Christmas itself was also fun, if a bit drawn out and disappointing for…um…Santa.

The American Girl Doll drama had been resolved in what appeared to be a logical workaround.

After no luck on Ebay and time growing shorter a nice knockoff was procured. I also did manage to find a nice blue and yellow Graco baby set with a pack-and-play, etc (used and disgusting, but a scrubbing with OxyClean in the bathtub one night made it like new). Based off how Sasha reacted in the past to getting things that were close if not exact I figured this would be fine.

I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

He pulled back the paper on the doll and looked genuinely upset. “That’s not MY baby!” was yelled, followed by stomping over to the catalogue to show us exactly HIS baby looked like.

Sigh. I know he’s three and has no concept of money, but it hurt.

Then he refused to touch any of the baby stuff or the doll itself for over a day. If you know Sasha, that really means something. He is the worlds slowest gift opener. He’ll open one present, play with it for over an hour, then decide if he’s ready for another one or just wants to continue playing with the first. To not touch a toy and to just move on to the next is unheard of.


Burgh Baby said...

Good times! I plan to burn all future editions of that evil catalog. Care to join me?

caramama said...

Oh, that's tough. I'm sorry he wasn't thrilled with the close-but-not-right doll. I hope he has warmed up to it!