Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sasha Pumpkin Head

Sasha has become such a big boy I can hardly believe it.

In the past few months he's lost 2 of his baby teeth and has two new loose teeth. He's getting that school kid jack-o-lantern grin with the mismatched big and small teeth with funny gaps. It's adorable.

Since he's being homeschooled (it's preschool, it barely counts) I've decided to spend time teaching him things he needs to know, doesn't, and should consider them life skills.

1.) Tying his shoes. He can actually do this one sometimes with prompting
2.) Bathing himself. I do most of it, and he does a part with direction.
3.) Teeth brushing. First I do it, then he does.
4.) General independance--like getting his own snacks or breakfast. I have placed lots of foods--healthy foods--in easy reach. He can get a banana, an apple, nuts, dried fruit, homemade granola, cheese, yogurt, or bentos of leftovers on the bottom shelves of the fridge or pantry.
5.) Chores.

He's a wonderful boy and is doing a very good job. He's very good at addition and subtraction and seems to really enjoy math. Writing is a bit more of a challenge, but he has recently discovered the concept of writing "notes". It's helpful in getting him to write, even if it's just his name with a drawing and a zillion stickers.

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