Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Life has taken me away from personal persuits on the internet. Perhaps I should have kept it up. Probably it would have been something of a therapy. But I pulled away instead.
Things started with me losing my job.
Then "Brody" was diagnosed with heart defects (atrial septal defects, valve stenosis, and cor triatriatum).
Then the dogs have gone downhill.
Now my father seems to be ill.
I don't hardly sleep anymore.
The job situation seems to be improving. Today I begin part time with a small company who knows my situation and is willing to work around my scheduling issues with "Brody" and his medical care. When all is expected to be finished, the plan is to hire me full time. This really is a mitzvah and I am so grateful for it.
We are working through the pre-surgical hoops with "Brody". This means a lot of appointments and calls to harrass the insurance into paying out what they are supposed to. I have called the cardiologist's office I don't even know how many times to fix things. The good news that, as of right now, they expect to be able to fix everything in a single surgery, be fine in a month, and never have any restrictions or issues again. The bad news is I have to have my baby go to open heart surgery for him to have a normal life.
The dogs--I feel like a callous witch when it comes to them. I can't find the room in my heart to care too much with everything else going on. They are just pets. One is old and has been sick from the day we got her. The other has injured herself beyond repair be being the same insane creature she has always been. I'm actually looking forward to the day I don't have to deal with their needs anymore. Vacations will be simple and less expensive. The daily routine freer. The house cleaner.
My father, well we're waiting to see what is up. I am praying that he is really fine and this is a false alarm.
As for Sasha, he has been well as always and a normal healthy preschooler who isn't going to preschool (we can't afford it). I've been doing his homeschooling and he has playdates so he's been pretty happy with the current state of affairs.

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